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Welcome to the MultiMoneyGroup! Read important news about Paypal and Payza below!

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On 18 April 2018 we received bad news from Paypal. After working 16 years a lot with Paypal, they decided to suspend our Paypal account. This means we can not receive or send Paypal payments anymore via all our websites. Ofcourse not having Paypal anymore is badly, but we are not the first or last. This already happened at many sites before like Clixsense, Neobux, Easyhits4u, and many others. Also, as most of you already noticed, Payza have issues and can not be used anymore to receive or send money either. This means we are losing 2 of the biggest payment processors for this moment, together with Okpay, which was a small payment system, on our websites. But don't worry, we still stay strong!

Will this effect the websites of the Multimoneygroup?

No -> Everything stays as the websites are now, so same minimum payout, same earnings etc.
Yes -> Ofcourse without Paypal, Payza and okpay. Everyone that use one of these 3 payment processors needs to change their payment methode. Please read further to find all current options. To change your payment options for withdrawing, please contact us via the website, and include your payment ID.

So what will happens?

Paypal, Payza and Okpay will be removed as payment and withdraw option at all our websites.
If you using any of these options to withdraw at any of our above sites, be sure to contact us via the websites to change your payment ID.

Withdraw -> Then we have left the follow options. Just click the button to join!
and Bitcoin. No wallet yet? Join any of the following 2.

Payments receive (for Bitcoin and other Altcoin use Coinpayments or Cointopay checkout). ->

Pay via Bitcoin or Altcoin direct via Coinpayments or Cointopay in 3 steps! No coinpayment/Cointopay wallet needed, any wallet will work!
1. Click the coinpayment button for the product you wanted to order.
2. Chooce the coin you want to use, fill in your name and email and click complete checkout!
3. You now receive the info how to send the payment. Make payment, fill in your ad and we make it ready!
+ Working on some other options as well if you want something to see added, sure let us know.

Ofcourse if you have questions about this all, you can always contact us via the websites!

Sebas, Jill and Leontien